Posted by: options4care | June 2, 2013

Who Chooses My Home Health Agency After A Hospital Stay?

Home Health Care-The Choice is Yours

After a hospital stay, but before the hospital discharges you. Your physician or the Dischrage Planner may recommend home health care for you as follow up care. The decision of which agency you should hire is strictly YOUR choice. The Discharge Planner should provide you with a list of reputable and certified home health agencies in your area. If a hospital does not provide you with a list, you can complain to your local Department of Public Health.

Congress passed a law in 1997 stating that patients needing post hospital care must be provided with a list of home health providers in their area. Regardless of whether the patient is private pay, has Medicare or Medicaid or private insurance. The Home Health Agency List must be provided to you before you are discharged from the hospital. If need be ask your Discharge Planner to provide you with such a list. Ask if the list is current.

If the hospital or physician refers an agency to you they must disclose any financial interest they may have in the home health agency that they are referring to you. The hospital must respect your right to choose whichever provider you want and not choose the one that they refer to you.

When the home health agency that you choose contacts, ask questions. Examples of some questions you should ask are: How quickly can services be provided? What can I expect at each visit? How long will my nurse stay at my home each visit? Does the home health agency have employees or 1099 contractors? Is the home health agency insured? What specific services will I receive, nurse services, physical therapy, occupational therapy etc?  How will my home health visits be scheduled?  Will I have to wait all day for my home health nurse?  If need be, can I contact the agency 24/7?

In Lake County IL, Assure Home Health Care, Advocate Home Health Services and Meridian Home Health Services are just a few of some good home health providers. Knowing who to trust can be difficult and confusing. We invite you to contact us a anytime for any questions you may have at: Synergy Home Care of Gurnee IL: 847-693-9688 or 847-388-0014

You can find more information on choosing a home health agency or ratings on a nursing facility at:


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