Posted by: options4care | November 26, 2010

Family Care Providers and Holidays-Lake County IL

The holidays are upon us. At holiday time we need extra time for shopping, baking, entertaining, decorating, wrapping presents, sending out cards. It seems never ending. Trying to make everyone happy.The list goes on and on.

What about families that are care providers? During the holidays, there does not seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everyone’s needs. No matter how much you seem to accomplish there is always something else to do.

Across America, and according to the Family Caregivers Alliance, families are the ones providing 80 per cent of home care assistance for their senior parents. The holidays can place added stress to an already stressful way of life.

The demands physically, mentally and financially during the holidays become easily overwhelming. Not being able to accomplish everything during the holidays can make us feel guilty and depressed. Remember, some expectations may be impossible to meet. Do not let yourself feel like you are being pulled in many different directions. You are only one person. Step back and take a deep breath.

Develop a “Holiday To Do List”. Assign some tasks to other family members. This may make things a little easier for you. Tell family members that once a year is not to much to ask for a little help. It also gets others involved and may surprisingly produces some family holiday spirit and bring everyone closer.

Holidays can become very stressful for our aging parents as well. As we run around trying to accomplish everything. Our senior parent(s) may be sad or depressed. Families are so busy that we may forget how our senior parents are feeling. Especially if you live apart. They may feel useless and forgotten.

If you are caring for a family member, spouse, or a senior parent. Involve them in simple activities. It does not take much effort to involve an aging parent in assisting us during the holidays.

Let them assist with baking or decorating cookies. Addressing holiday envelopes. Decorating the home. Even just sitting with you while you bake. Reminiscing about past holidays. Socialization during the holidays can be the best medicine for holiday spirit and a sense of belonging. An extra pair of hands can be of much help as well.

When it comes to making things easier. We have found one solution for care providers to make life easier.

When children and parents live apart. Make sure to have regular phone contact. A great way of being together especially during the holidays, is the new IRIS video phone.

The IRIS video phone is like being in the same room. You can see mom or dad live just by calling their phone number. This also makes a great Christmas gift for a loved one.

Imagine seeing mom or dad on a phone screen during the holidays. For that matter, anytime you call. It can also provide an added sense of security for both families and loved ones that reside in other states.

The difficult part of long distance care is not knowing the physical condition of our parents. Since you cannot always be there. The IRIS video phone can. The IRIS video phone allows you to see the condition mom or dad is in. Have they been keeping up with their hygiene? Have they lost weight? You can even watch them take their medication live in front of you. All possible through the IRIS videos phone. Giving them the sense of belonging. Providing you with peace of mind. In Lake County IL you can contact 847-740-1550 for information on the IRIS video phone.

If mom or dad live in assisted living or a nursing facility regular visits through the holidays can greatly improve their sense of well-being. Giving them a sense of belonging.

The reality of real life is, we are busier and more stressed out. The image of holiday joy is sometimes only in a movie.

If you are a care provider, homecare agencies can provide much needed respite care for families during the holiday season. They can alleviate the added stress placed on families to get things done. helping you simplify your tasks.

So remember. You cannot do it all. You should not be expected to do it all as well.

Hearts of Gold Home Care in Lake County IL wishes each family a happy and safe holiday season.


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