Posted by: options4care | June 1, 2010

Home Care- A Senior’s Choice To Remain At Home

In-home care, an affordable option, solution and choice for care for our aging parents.

As children, we worry about our aging parents. We hope our parents can live a long independent life. We do not always stop to think that one day our parents may have to leave the comfort of their own home. We do not focus on the little signs that mom or dad may need some assistance, until an accident or injury happens.

It can be very difficult, since our parents grew up not complaining. So they will be the last to tell you that he or she is having a difficult time managing daily activities. Some of our parents manage to hide the fact that they may need help. They hide this fact because they are afraid that they will be placed in an assisted living or nursing facility. This is their biggest fear. So they struggle daily to try to manage things on their own. Until something happens. What children need to let their parents know is that help is available in their home. Allowing them to make the decision. Giving mom or dad the option and choice for their care at home is the greatest gift of all.

As a daughter of an aging parent, I cannot imagine, myself having to leave my home. My home has so many wonderful memories. Our home is our sanctuary. It is where no matter what is happening, a safe place to be.

As we begin to see our parents having difficulty with performing daily tasks, we worry about their safety. Often, many families may choose assisted living facilities for care for mom or dad.

Today, many families are giving their parents the option of remaining at home. Many seniors, when given the choice, are making this decision as well.

With modern technology, many services are available now in the comfort of your home.

Seniors are very satisfied with care that is delivered in the home. When combined with home health services, home care can offer the highest quality care. A full circle of care, in the comfort of home.

Moving to assisted living is extremely stressful for the aging adult as well as the family. This can create anxiety, stress and depression. Home care delivers personalized one-on -one care. People recover more quickly in the comfort of home. Home care can shorten hospital or nursing home stays. With personalized professional assistance, seniors can continue to function as valuable members of the community.

Nursing home costs can quickly drain the savings in a short time. Home care is usually more affordable than nursing home or assisted living. The fact is since assisted living, nursing home or in-home care are all private pay. If you had the choice, where would you rather live? I am sure mom or dad feel the same way.

Home care services can provide mom or dad with peace of mind that he or she can remain in their home. Home care delivers one-on-one care that matches their exact needs. Most important, mom or dad never have to wait for their turn for assistance. Home care provides personalized care. Caregivers are only focused and concerned with the needs of your mom or dad. No one else.

Home care provides safety for our parents as well. A caregiver is present to help prevent potential injuries or falls that may cause an emergency room visit or hospitalization. This can cause mom or dad to lose their independence. When an unexpected accident or injury happens families lose their independence as well. Their lifestyle and responsibility may change dramatically, overnight.

home care services can ensure that mom or dad is reminded to take medication. Medication is also important in keeping mom or dad healthy. Because of vision problems or memory problems, aging adults may forget to take their medication.
They may not understand the side effects of their medication. They may at times not be able to read the labels. Medication errors are one of the causes of emergency room visits or hospitalization. Home care caregivers can ensure that mom or dad remembers to take their medication on time. A Registered Nurse can also review mom or dad’s medication and educate them about the side effects. Providing peace of mind.

When you start to notice changes in your parents. When you feel mom or dad is starting to have some difficulty with daily living. Suggest incorporating some home care services to help them.

Are you concerned that maybe mom or dad may not be eating properly? Proper nutrition is very important to aging adults. Proper nutrition keeps us healthy. Making sure that our parents eat right can be difficult. Home care caregivers can cook healthy nutritional meals. caregivers can also prepare meals for the week for mom or dad and freeze them. Making it simple to eat a nutritional meal everyday. Caregivers can follow through to make sure mom or dad is eating those meals, or drinking enough fluids. Which is very important for seniors especially during summer months. Dehydration can warrant an emergency room visit or hospitalization.

When mom or dad has a medical appointment, home care services can provide transportation, as well as safety. Families to not have to change their schedule to take mom or dad to appointments. Keeping medical appointments is very important for staying healthy for our aging parents. Caregivers can help mom or dad with questions that they may have of their doctor. Since caregivers spend the most time with the elderly person, they may notice signs of any changes, thus informing the family or doctor.

Home care offers families the benefit of someone always being there with mom or dad. Home care services offer the benefit of less stress and anxiety for families dealing with the responsibility of care for a loved one.

Home care workers are professionals that are highly trained, experience and dedicated to the senior community and their work. They have the patience, compassion and respect for seniors in the community. They help enrich the lives of seniors everyday through their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Families should be informed that there are choices, options and solutions for the care of our parents. No longer are assisted living and nursing facilities the only choice for care for our parents.

Before making a decision for placement in a facility. Before an accident or injury happens. Offer the choice of home care services to mom or dad.

Let them try in-home care a couple of times a week. Allow them the choice to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible in their own home. Let them know that their independence is very important to you as well.
Let mom or dad know that the decision for their care is theirs as well as yours because you love them. Because you have their best interest at hearts. Allow them the respect of making the choice. Of having the option. In-home care, the fit may be just what your parents and you were looking for.


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