Posted by: options4care | March 18, 2010

Easter- A Time to Share with Needy Seniors

With the state of the economy, many families are struggling everyday. But one population that is always overlooked is the senior community. Many seniors only receive social security. They are on strict fixed incomes. They may have to choose between purchasing their groceries or their medication. These are difficult choices to make. These are difficult times. nutrition is very important to a senior. Eating a healthy diet is very important, but not always an option. Many seniors live alone and may not ask for help. During this Easter holiday, if you know of a senior citizen in your neighborhood, make up a Easter food basket and deliver it to their home. You can fill it with canned goods like soups, canned vegetables, canned fruit or crackers. Things that are easy to prepare. The small things we share can make a world of difference to someone in need. Especially the elderly. If you would like to donate An Easter food basket in the Lake County IL area, contact us for more information.
Seniors are all of our parents. One day we will all be seniors as well. Help make a difference in an elderly persons life this Easter.


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