Posted by: options4care | February 13, 2010

Care Alternatives for Families and Seniors-Lake County IL

When you are a care provider for a loved one, there will come a time when you will have to make important choices, on behalf of your loved one. Especially when it comes to living arrangements. The first step is to address the needs and abilities of your loved one. As your loved one ages, this may be an on-going process. Today, there are many options available for families that are care providers and seniors. From living independently in the comfort of your own home, to assisted living, to around the clock care in a nursing facility.

Independent Living is for seniors that can and are able to live independently, but choose not to have the responsibility of maintaining a home. Your loved one may prefer to live in a community with other individuals of the same age. For information on independent living in Lake County IL contact Kathryn Novak at 847-587-8830 or visit:

Assisted Living is a facility that if your loved one is begining to need some help with dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, or walking, assisted living can provide this type of care. An assisted living community normally can have between 25 and 120 units.  From private rooms to semi-private rooms. The cost of assisted living in Illinois according to the Genworth 2009 report states that  the annual median rate for private room in an assisted living community is $46,398 annually.

Nursing Facilities provide 24 hour care. If your loved one is bed bound, requires daily medical care, requires a respirator, a nursing facility can provide this type of care. The 2009 Genworth report states that the median cost of a nursing facility in Illinois for a semi-private room is $66,430 annually. The median cost of a private room in a nursing facility is $77,198 annually.  For help in finding a facility in Illinois visit  

In-Home Care can provide assistance to families that provide care and seniors that choose to remain in the comfort of their own home. Home care can also offer respite care for families that need some time to maintain their own obligations and continue living their own lives. It can become very stressful for family care providers when a loved one is dependent on them 24/7  for their needs. Home care can offer much need breaks from time to time.  Home care can help seniors with support services such as light housekeeping, personal care, shopping, transportation (for those that no longer drive),  medical appointments, medication reminders, errands, laundry more.  The median annual cost for home care is $19,200 and provides families with solutions for providing care for a loved one.

No matter what your choice may be,  it is important to be able to communicate openly about any anxiety or frustrations that you may be feeling. Communication can help families deal with the challenges of providing care.


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