Posted by: options4care | February 9, 2010

Senior Care- Evaluations-Helping Address the Needs of a Loved One-Lake County IL

All of us have elderly parents that at times seem to be forgetful.  At times, a parent may have difficulty in thinking or remembering.  If you start to notice any changes like poor hygiene, depression, loss of appetite, forgetting to take their medication, unopened mail.  If  you notice any changes in the mental state like not remembering what they ate for breakfast or what day it is, the first thing to do is to discuss these concerns with your family physician and request an evaluation for your loved one.

The important issue is to find a physician that will do a thorough evaluation. Evaluations all may vary depending on the physician. A good evaluation should always include a medical examination, a detailed history from a close family member that can explain changes that the person seems to have and when they started. A physical examination should be performed to reveal any health problems. A neurological examination should be performed to reveal changes of the brain. All these tests, through the evaluation will identify any conditions that may be present or rule out certain conditions. That is why, at the first sign of any mental changes, a proper evaluation is important.

It is also important that the physician determine  whether or not the individual may be depressed. Isolation may cause depression. Depression is common in elderly people.

The final part of the evaluation should be a discussion with the family members, the person receiving the evaluation and the physician. At this time the physician can explain the findings and you will be able to ask questions. It will help your loved one understand what is happening. The physician may also make recommendations regarding the care or supportive services for your loved one. it is important then to have an evaluation performed. it will provide you with important  information regarding the areas of mental functions that a person is having problems with or in which areas the person is still independent. This can help in providing proper care for a loved one.

This can also help you set up a plan of care and help you to cope with any changes that will affect your loved one. It can help families address and discuss certain issues they may have found difficult to address in the past, like driving or ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). It will give you the proper information you need to deal with a parent that may be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. It will give you a basis to be able to plan for the future  for the care of your loved one.

A proper evaluation will alleviate that stressful feeling you may have that something may not be right with your loved one. It will also ease your mind to know that you are helping your loved one through any difficulties or challenges they may be facing.  An evaluation is the most important thing you can do for your aging parent.  If you have any concerns, questions or need more information please visit:


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