Posted by: options4care | February 9, 2010

Senior Care-Care Providers Feel the Most Stress-Lake County IL

Life is a never-ending roller coaster. The house needs to be cleaned. The kids have a project at school. The dog has an appointment at the vet. You have to make cupcakes for the Mother’s Club. And to top it off mom and dad just moved in providing you with a new job title. You have become the care provider. You feel stressed out. Sometimes you are being pulled apart in so many directions you forget about yourself. You don’t even have a minute to yourself. We all handle stress in different ways. Some people get nervous. Some people worry. Some people may even get angry. Taking on too much responsibility can make you emotionally and physically feel ill and sometimes angry. Stress can affect your whole life. Stress can make you feel bitter. Stress may cause things like headaches, fatigue and even high blood pressure. When you provide care for an elderly loved one, you need to care for yourself as well.

Not having a minute to yourself can make you feel depressed and agitated. Especially individuals or family members that take on the added responsibility of care provider of a loved one.

There are many simple things you can do easily to reduce stress each day:

1. A quick walk around the block.
2. Go outside for a minute, look at the nature around you and breathe.
3. Sing a song to yourself or aloud.
4. Call a friend.
5. Take a few deep breaths and let your body be still.
6. Have a cup of hot tea, close your eyes and think of how good it tastes.
7. Play some soft music in the car, at home and clear your mind.
8. Buy a journal- write down things that stress you out.
9. Bake a cake or some cookies- enjoy eating one piece.
10. Take a hot bath.
11. Praise yourself for doing so many things.
12. Do most important things first- make a list.
13. Be honest-ask for help when you can’t do everything.
14. Tell yourself a joke- laugh.
15. Reward yourself-buy yourself something for all the things you do.
16. Buy yourself a certificate of achievement- fill in your name, display it.

Remember, the day only has 24 hours. Some things can wait. Your health cannot. You are the most important person to yourself. For families that decide to take on the added responsibility of providing care for mom or dad remember there are simple ways that you can reduce your stress everyday.

A licensed senior home care agency can also provide the supplemental support and care for your loved one when life becomes overwhelming. Enlisting senior home care agency from time to time allows you to take time so you can have that peace of mind and care for yourself, your family and your needs. A senior home care agency can provide service for a few hours a day so you can run errands, get your hair done, or go shopping. You can still take time for yourself. Your try your best to ensure that mom or dad can live a better quality of life. Retain a better quality of life for yourself as-well through the services of a home care agency. When daily life becomes overwhelming, the most important thing is to take time for you and relax.

Synergy Home Care of Gurnee IL located in Lake County IL provides home care services in Antioch IL, Fox Lake IL,  Gurnee IL, Grayslake IL, Lake Villa IL, Lindenhurst IL, Wadsworth IL, Waukegan IL, Zion IL as well as Kenosha WI.  If you are a care provider for a loved one and require respite care. If you are more interested in home care services or for more information on how home support services can help you please call Synergy Home Care of Gurnee IL at: 847-388-0014


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