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Senior Care and Medication Management-Lake County IL


Medications play an important role in staying healthy. It is a part of the daily routine for seniors. Aging adults take 5 or more prescribed medications daily. Not to mention over-the counter products as well.

The most important factor for families that provide care for a loved one is management of medicines. Making sure that mom or dad is taking their medication, filling their prescriptions, and maintaining a schedule can be a part-time job in itself. Families need to pay special attention to the medications that mom or dad is taking. Families need to ask themselves: Is mom or dad’s medication regiment being supervised? Does mom or dad take their prescriptions daily and at certain times of the day? Does your loved one need to be reminded to take their medication? Can your loved one read the labels with no problem? Medications have side effect. When not taken properly medications can have adverse effect. Do you and your loved one understand the side effects? Do some medications need to be taken after a meal? Is mom or dad making sure that they are eating a nutritious meal with their medication? Is your loved one refilling their prescription? Does your loved one understand the importance of their medication, safety and adverse effects?

The last thing families and seniors need is to worry about medication errors. Failing eyesight and memory can contribute to medication errors. Medication errors can lead to potentially dangerous drug interactions, confusion, dizziness, insomnia, drowsiness which can lead to injury from a fall, loss of independence, emergency room visits and hospitalization and at times, placement in a facility.

The risk of adverse effects increase with the number of drugs prescribed. Due to medication related problems, seniors experience more hospital admissions than any other group. Fifty-seven percent of seniors forget to take their medication. Twenty percent forget to fill their prescriptions. Drug related illness is a significant health problem, especially with the senior population,

The more medications a senior takes, the harder it is to manage the medication regiment. There are a number of medication reminder technologies available. From telephone based reminders to electronic dispensing systems.

Even though these new technologies are helpful, do they ensure that your loved one will remember to take their medication when they hang up the phone? Do these technologies help your loved one understand or know the side effects of each medication? Can technologies discard any expired or discontinued medication? Do these technologies help you be more knowledgeable about your medication? There is no replacement for face to face in person monthly medication reviews of your loved ones medication regiment.

Being knowledgeable about your medications is crucial for your safety, health and well-being. Families need to pay special attention and watch for any changes or adverse effects. Some medications can make you dizzy or drowsy and can cause your loved one to fall. Families, seniors and caregivers need to understand each medication and why it was prescribed. Families need to check medicine cabinets and discard any old prescriptions for safety.

When it becomes a challenge to manage a medication regiment, families and seniors can always enlist a professional liaison to ensure that your loved one is taking their medications safely. A hands on personal service that is great benefit and value for the health and well-being for your loved one. A registered nurse can coordinate medication management and monthly medication reviews that can help families and their loved ones with medication management. Providing families and seniors with peace of mind.

The benefits of medication reviews and management are to ensure that seniors are taking medication correctly, on time and the correct dosage. Medications are refilled on time, know the side effects of your medication, educate families, a spouse or caregiver with proper instructions of multiple medications to prevent any errors, harm and enhance the quality of your life, safety, health and well-being.

It is an added value and benefit for staying healthy as well as your safety and well-being. If have questions or are concerned about a loved one and their medication regiment  or for more information:

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